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Originally Posted by Wickerman View Post
Absolutely, except that the time should be less than 35 minutes, due to the fact that he obviously went to his bolthole for a reason, and that reason must have taken time out of his journey.
Arguably, if we grant him 15 minutes as a minimum, perhaps 30 minutes max. at his bolthole to clean up and do something with those organs, then his travel time is cut to 20 mins each way - min. to about 27 mins each way - max.
Unfortunately, you could cover a lot of distance in the East End in 20 minutes.
Thank you wicker
This is exactly the type of response I was hoping for, I suck at math and geometry.

And yes you could cover a lot of distance in 20 minutes but lets look at that a little closer. I doubt the killer was running the whole time. It would look way too suspicious and also I doubt someone could or would run constantly for twenty minutes, especially carrying a knife and internal organs. I think in all probably the killer exited mitre square at a brisk walk.

How many miles can someone travel in twenty minutes at a brisk walk?
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