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Originally Posted by Spitfire View Post
I am not sure what anyone could have done about it in the Court of Appeal.

The knickers (except the fragment excised therefrom) and the AB stains would have been destroyed after the trial in 1962. Fortunately, the fragment was preserved and the O secretor rapist was shown to be Hanratty.
Hi again Spitfire - my reading of the Court's 2002 judgement (particularly para 125) is that the AB stains were on the knicker fragment tested in 1997. On that basis, I consider that checks could and should have been carried out to verify the presumption that these stains came from Gregsten.

Whilst I believe the presumption would have been verified, the potential significance was and remains huge. If these stains do not tally with Gregsten, that would be strong evidence of another man or, at the least, contamination and the whole of the DNA case against Hanratty would collapse like a house of cards in a cyclone.

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