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Originally Posted by OneRound View Post
Hi Spitfire - we are still left with only a presumption that the seminal AB stains came from Gregsten and uncertainty as to how and when they got there. I continue to find that unsatisfactory.

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We don't know, do we, what blood group Gregsten was?
Maybe the AB semen came from the chap that Valerie hung around with when not seeing Mike.
In any event, I think if we could pick the brains of a bona fida, totally impartial, DNA expert, we would be 'set straight' on the usefulness of any and all DNA found in the Pandora's box wherein lay the A6 murders exhibits! regardless of who called for the test.
Again.. the DNA was a means to an end for the establishment and associated authorities to GET the damn monkey off their backs , once and for all. It worked wonderfully.

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