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A few years ago there was an article by Patricia Marshall and Chris Phillips in Ripperologist: "Who was Jacob Cohen?". If I remember correctly, the parents of Woolf Abrahamīs wife Betsy Abrahams were Kasriel Szlama Kozminski and Ryfka, nee Lachman. They had a son, Jacob Kozminski, later Jacob Cohen, butcher in Manchester. Probably the same Jacob Cohen of the company (Jacob) Cohen/(Thomas Coughtrey) Davies/ (Woolf) Abrahams (Aaron Kozminskiīs brother). The dog incident/ Aaron Kozminski in December 1889 in Cheapside (not far from the address of this London-company in 51 Carter Lane): Aaron Kozminski said that "the dog belongs to Jacobs", maybe he wanted to say the dog belongs to Jacob Cohen. The name of the whole article was "New light on Aaron Kozminski", better I read it again.
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