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Originally Posted by S.Brett View Post

It reminds me of Sergeant Stephen White (MET):

"For five nights we had been watching a certain alley behind the Whitechapel Road. It could only be entered from where we had two men posted in hiding, and persons entering the alley were under observation by the two men."

If the officer had been on special duty in Castle Alley at the end of Whitechapel High Street it could be the certain alley behind Whitechapel Road.

I know White must be treated with caution...
Hi Karsten,

White also went on to say this... At the end of the cul-de-sac, huddled against the wall, there was the body of a woman, and a pool of blood was streaming along the gutter from her body.

Alice McKenzie was not huddled up against a wall and was not found at the end of a cul-de-sac. There was a fixed officer there that night at the entrance of the alley at Whitechapel High Street. That particular entrance to the alley was said to be very narrow and one persons shoulders could barley fit through when walking in. Once in the southern part of the alley several yards, it would have been hard to see much into Whitechapel Road. The only other exit at the Whitechapel Road end was Newcastle Street which had a small passage into Castle Alley at the Three crowns Pub.
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