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Default Murder Sites #2- Mary Ann Nichols & Bucks Row

I had this one ready and extra time so I'll post it now:

Lambeth Workhouse (Princess Road):
- Mrs Fielder, matron
- Mary Ann Monk- identified body, 7:30PM
- Mrs Scorer

Frying Pan Pub (Brick Lane)- left 12:30 AM

Lodging House, 18 Thrawl St.:
- deputy- turned Nichols out 1:20 AM
- Emily (Ellen, or Nelly) Holland (Jane Oram) (50), lodging house keeper- saw Nichols in Osborne St. 2:30 AM


Buck's Row (originally Ducks Row (from Dunking Road, then Ducking), named Bucks Row in 1864, renamed Durward St. in 1892 Oct): running west (Baker's Row, renamed Vallance St.) to east (Brady St., originally North St.)
(north side of Buck's Row) [the westernmost stretch, from Bakers Row to Thomas St., apparently was called White's Row around this time]:

(Thomas St.- later renamed Fulbourne St.)
33 Thomas St.- Kearley & Tonge, Ltd. (wholesale grocers) warehouse (by (Rob Clack says AFTER) 1895) [according to Chris Scott (2004 post- no dates given)- 1 building from Baker's Row to Thomas St., another from Thomas to Court St. Apparently, sometime after the murder (by 1929), they expanded & built these larger warehouses.] [also 2 K&T warehouses at Mitre Square]

(wall, East London Railray Line) [how much of a drop?]

Essex Wharf (in 1970s used by S. Rosenberger Coates & Co., "Makers of Men's Ties"; demolished 1990-91)
- Walter Boyton Purkiss (Purkis; B c 1855; Braintree, Essex), manager; with wife Mary Ann, 3 children & "servant" (?this may be his mother-in-law Sophia Ballard, who was living with them in 1881)

[Brady Boys' Club (built 1930s; Brady House later by 1980s, DHSS offices; demolished 1991) [Phil & John believe there was wasteland at this location in 1888]

Brown & Eagle Ltd. wool warehouses (seems to be 3 buildings in 1899; ?1 building in 1888)- ran east to Brady St.

(south side of Buck's Row, running east):
(from Baker's Row to Board school)- low wall along London & North Eastern Railway line (station on south side of west-east running line)

(2 narrow streets run south to Whitechapel Road):
Thomas St. (renamed Fulbourne St. by 1929), runs north from Whitechapel Road through Bucks Row, then turns west
Court St.- just from Whitechapel Road to Buck's Row, becomes Queen Ann St. north to ??

(Y intersection where Bucks Row runs on the northside & Winthrop St. runs on the southside)- wide area of street to west of board school was called "Great Eastern Square"
Buck's Row, continuing to east:
London County Council (Victorian) Board School (5 stories, built 1876-77; abandoned by 1929, fire c 1980s gutted building; remodeled in 1996, now Trinity Hall apartments)
- Thomas Montague (B c 1839); wife Sophia (there's an age/birth discrepancy for her in census)

(wall, East London Railway Line- railway constructed 1875) [how much of a drop?]

Brown's Stable Yard- Nichols' body found in front of locked gates (demolished in 1888 ?Dec- they were selling the fixtures in 1889 Jan)
- (run by Mr. Brown)
- Mr. Green, carman

north line of terrace cottages (built 1862-72, demolished 1972 Jan; on 1899 map- #2-48, running evens east to Brady St.)- ?24 shown on map (#2 most westward is marked "G"), some #s seem to be duplicated [originally ran west to east #1 to 30; westernmost couple demolished in 1875 for railway- numbering changed by 1899 to evens] [2nd map also shows 24, but numbered #6 (New Cottage) to #29 (west of Roebuck pub), running odds & evens]
New Cottage (?#2/?6) (built 1875, probably destroyed in WW2 Blitz, along with house next door (?#3 or 1)- when rebuilt after WW2, numbering apparently changed)
- Emma Green (widow), 2 sons & a daughter
#7- Harriet Lilley [before the Lilleys, an Albert Cutbush lived here]

Roebuck Pub (at Brady St. end) (closed & demolished 1995)

Winthrop St. (running east to Brady St.):
(north side of Winthrop St.)
Board school, southside

(wall, East London Railray Line)

south line of terrace cottages (built 1862-72; on 1899 map- #2-46, running evens west to Bucks Row)- ?22 shown on map [most westward (#46) is not marked "D"]

(south side of Winthrop St.)
"Woods Buildings" [this actually seems to be an alley running south to Whitechapel Road- may be blocked by building right at Whitechapel Road]
(Devonshire PLace)- runs south from Winthrop, stops short of Whitechapel Road

(wall, East London Railray Line)

("Recreation Ground")
Working Lads Institute

"Coach House" [seems to be separate from slaughterhouse]
Harrison, Barber & Co. Ltd, horse slaughterhouse ("Barber's Yard") [there's also a Barber's Yard at Hanbury St.]
- Mr. Barber, owner
- Charles Britton (spelling as is in 1891 Census- also Bitttan, Britten, Brittain; 1881 Census- Bretton) (B c 1866; Essex)- went to look at body somewhat later than others
- James Mumford (B c 1853; Whitechapel)- went to look at body
- Henry Tomkins- went to look at body

Nelson Court- runs south to Whitechapel Road

(8 or 9 dwellings in 1899, #1-17, running odds from Brady St. e to w)
Pratt's Alley (short little court)

(Any additions or corrections are welcome.)

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