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Is there anyone at all who believes that Haiti, the Banana Republics, or central Africa are great places to live? When you're asked for an example of a nation whose culture you admire and accomplishments you respect, does El Salvador spring right to mind? Can you realistically imagine, even for a moment, someone born in America, Canada, or the UK wishing that they'd had the great good fortune to be born Haitian instead?

The real problem here is that Trump is failing to dress unpleasant truths in the socially-required language of equivocation and blame-deflection. That's pretty much an unforgivable sin these days.
One comment I heard in the past few days is that Haitian refugees are often better educated than Americans. Of course that probably isn't so about the poorest Haitians, but it was a statement by someone who knows Haiti and the Haitians who have come to this country. You would think that a "very smart" man like Donald J. Trump might respect that. But no.
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