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Originally Posted by karensa View Post
It is also highly interesting to me that the first 4 victims were all in their 40s and Marie was 20something. (FBI page had her listed as 20, while photos in this site's archive read 25, so who knows but definitely 20s).

Why the sudden change in victimology with this one? Why the age drop? As Freudian as it is (which makes me cringe going here, but still), the first 4 - IF - JK was the ripper, that is - if the first 4 were 40s, they're reasonably old enough to have been his mother's age, and she'd apparently not been too upstanding herself. Then the last one, his dead wife's age (at the time).

Regardless of who the killer actually was, there's something up with this age drop and change in victimology - which could also allow for some of the other victims to be reconsidered both ways.

that's only if you accept the "canonical 5" as the only Ripper victims, which I don't. I think Tabram and Coles were both Ripper victims, and probably McKenzie too. and it is also entirely possible that Elizabeth Stride (one of the canonical 5) was NOT a Ripper victim. though the timing of her murder as it relates to Eddowes would've definitely been a coincidence, there are other things to consider.......where she was killed was slightly further from the area where all the others were killed. plus, she was killed in an area with a lot of foot traffic, the others were in secluded corners and shadowy areas. she had a violent man in her life who could've been the killer. and just before her body was discovered, a witness saw her pushed down in the street (for the whole world to see) by a man......definitely NOT JtR's MO.

now, back to the age thing. Frances Coles was in her 20s and by all accounts, the prettiest of all the Whitechapel victims. so if you accept Coles as a Ripper victim- which I do- then the murder of Kelly would not be out of the ordinary. further, he was a sexual sadist and the focus was the mutilation, not the victim. here was a victim (Kelly) who had her own private room where he could butcher at leisure. he probably wouldn't have cared if she was 90 years old, the opportunity for undisturbed privacy was too good to pass up.
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