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Good evening kjab3112 and welcome to Casebook,

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My major incident training included routes of ingress and egress. Pierre's map has triggered a thought, not one of the canonical five was more than five minutes walk from one of the (then new) District and Hammersmith train stations. These would have offered escape routes if open at the relevant times! Does anyone know about historic London Transport regional operations?
There were railroads, undergrounds, trams, in the area. There was a railroad which had a stop right at Buck's Row, the Whitechapel station on this map. The East London Railway was fully functioning in 1888 for passengers and freight. I think the green line is the underground.

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This map showed where Montague Druitt's sister and husband lived at the red square, and Montie lived towards the arrow. So we've sort of double-jacked ole Pierre there, but yes I find Pierre's map thought provoking too.

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