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Originally Posted by Sam Flynn View Post
I have plenty of ideas on that score, don't worry. Re the severing of an ear, just imagine yourself doing it; perhaps you have already done so... to a rabbit or whatever, not a person! Hell, never mind a thin, floppy appendage like an ear - imagine cutting through a thick steak with a really sharp knife. Even cutting a steak takes no time at all. The killer had plenty of time to cut off both ears, no doubt about it. If he could afford the time to cut off the one ear (and the nose), he could afford the time to cut off the other ear, too.I won't answer that here, if you don't mind, because it'll turn into an Eddowes-only thread. Suffice to say I'm not ignoring anything, obvious or otherwise.I am not being stubborn. I have stated that it would have taken no time at all to cut off both ears and that the killer had plenty of time to do so, and I see no sensible reason to believe otherwise. None whatsoever. Two ears off... seconds, mate; mere seconds.

What was written in Dear Boss was NOT enacted in Mitre Square. What WAS enacted in Mitre Square was far, far worse than anything contained in Dear Boss, and none of this - NONE of it - was even hinted at in Saucy Jacky. Instead, the latter only mentions Stride's somewhat boring murder, almost certainly because the details of Eddowes' murder were not yet known. If they had been, any boastful killer - or hoaxer - worth his salt would have bragged about her murder, not Stride's. Instead, he says bugger all about her.People have a tendency to jump to conclusions, and are too easily impressed by "amazing coincidences" when they may well be nothing of the kind. Same thing goes for the contents of certain Ripper letters.
Thanks Sam

And with that well thought out and reasonable response I do believe we are at the just have disagree stage. I do see your points, just donít agree with them.

And just to be clear, I keep an open mind on the letters and do NOT think they were definitely written by the killer. Iím actually just slightly above 50/50 they were.

Have a great night!
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