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Originally Posted by cobalt View Post
By the time that edition of The Daily Mirror hit the streets, Alphon was in police custody, as he had surrendered himself the previous night at 11.30pm at Cannon Row Police Station.

It looks as if the Daily Mirror article was being used as a means to flush Aphon out. The article portrays the Alphon parents as being distressed by their experience, presumably the better to prick the conscience of their son.

I am assuming Alphon's handing himself in before midnight is connected to the parents being dragged into the enquiry. He would have seen an evening newspaper carrying similar details on the 22nd? Or did someone alert him to the events?
Before turning himself in, Alphon very shrewdly called both the Daily Mail and Daily Mirror to tell them who he was and what he was about to do. The Mail apparently got the drop on the Mirror by reporting Alphon's surrender in their next-morning edition. There is another possibility why the Mirror was seemingly late, and that was in those days it was technically contempt of court to report on the arrest and naming of a person prior to charges being made. (I'm not 100% sure of this: maybe someone can elaborate?). Anyway, Alphon made it absolutely sure that his surrender would be in the public eye. Whatever else he may or may not have been, he was nobody's fool. He said later that his interviewing by Acott and Oxford was 'terrifying'. As well it might have been.

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