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Originally Posted by Bridewell View Post
And with all due respect to you, David, what I posted was a quotation from a book, not my own opinion.
Ah, the wonders of this forum where someone replies to a post I made on 6 March 2016, well over one year ago.

I wouldn't mind Bridewell - and perhaps you've had a senior moment - but you already replied to my post the next day, on 7 March 2016 (#80). And you were more articulate on that occasion, as you posted:

"Just for the record, it's not my logic. The quotation is from Paul Harrison's book, so the words (and logic) of the statement are his, not mine."

I didn't bother to respond because that was fair enough - you made your point in case there was any misunderstanding - but now I feel the need to mention that it was Craig H who posted in #5 in this thread on 6 March 2016:

"Bridewell made an interesting post about 4 years ago that the word "Juwes" was a nickname for the City of London Police."

He then quoted the extract from Harrison's book to which you refer, making clear it was an extract from his book which you had originally posted. I was well aware of this but, in my response (#6), - which was a response to Craig's post - I said, in respect of a statement by Harrison:

"With all due respect to Bridewell, the logic of that statement escapes me."

You can take it, Bridewell, that anyone reading the exchange between myself and Craig was aware, as I was, that I was challenging something said by Harrison, not by you, and I can confirm that now for you in writing if you need it said. I only mentioned you because Craig had said that it was your post and you had originally reproduced the quotation (which I imagine you did because you thought it was an interesting point of view).

I hope, with all due respect, that this resolves the incident to your satisfaction and I look forward to discussing this with you further in about September 2018.
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