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Originally Posted by StevenOwl View Post
I find it utterly risible to suggest that the director of an auction house didn't recognise a description of the auction process undertaken at his own business purely because Barrett used the word 'ticket' instead of 'receipt'.
As I've already mentioned, a member of this forum, who was was an antique dealer based in the north of England during the 1990s, has agreed that, if the word 'ticket' is replaced with the word 'receipt', then Barrett's account is generally consistent with how auction houses worked at that time.

So did Outhwaite & Litherland conduct their auctions in a radically different manner to other auction houses? Unfortunately, Kevin Whay did not explain how O&L conducted their auctions and in what respect that was different to the manner described by Barrett.

In the circumstances, I don't think my suggestion is 'risible'. If O&L did not hand tickets to winning bidders it might well have prompted Whay to dismiss the account.
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