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Originally Posted by David Orsam View Post
Finally, I can confirm that in March 1992 Outhwaite & Litherland held auctions once a week, every Tuesday, so that the first auction held after Barrett would have received the 1891 diary would have been on Tuesday, 31 March 1992. The auction (like other auctions in that month), held at Kingsway Galleries, Fontenoy Street, Liverpool, was described in antique magazines as being for "Victorian, Edwardian & modern furniture and effects". It started at 10.30am. Had Barrett taken 11 days to forge the diary as he claims in his affidavit and, had he started work on 31 March, the writing would have been finished on 10 April. He went to see Doreen in London on 13 April.
Excellent work, David. Now wouldn't it be good if we had any independent witnesses to where the Barretts were, and what they were actually doing (or not doing), between Tuesday 31st March and Sunday 12th April 1992?

With Mike and Anne's help, you have narrowed down the time frame for the diary's actual creation admirably.

It's going to be an eventful year, all things considered. Two conferences, one in London in August, t'other in Liverpool in September, both featuring the 25th anniversary of the diary's emergence in 1992, and the ongoing questions surrounding its origins.

All this, despite the 'crucial' ad, requesting a diary with blank pages, having been in the public domain for nearly a decade.


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