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Originally Posted by Fisherman View Post
What they disagree about is my assertion that no matter the shape or size of the flaps, it nevertheless remains that the practice as such - to cut away the abdominal wall in a few large flaps - is enough to put the case beyond resonable doubt.
Who said anything about LARGE flaps? The only one who fits into that category is Mary Kelly.

As a thought-experiment, substitute "corpse" for "orange", and "removal of abdominal flaps" with "peeling". How many different ways of peeling an orange are there? If you were to find two partly-peeled oranges, both of which had had some of the skin peeled off in segments with a knife, would you think that it was beyond doubt that the same person peeled them?

NB: you found the fruit in a densely populated city, with one orange found in one district, and the other in a different borough 12 miles away.
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