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Elamarna: Christer we still do not agree on this issue of "Flaps". I doubt unless there is new evidence we ever will.

So please don't claim it is "conclusive evidence" because for others it is not.

Iīm afraid I cannot honour that request. It is the exact kind of evidence that would be used to put a case beyond reasonable doubt. It goes without saying that it COULD be two killers who got the same weird idea into their heads, but legally speaking, I believe such a suggestion would not appeal to a jury at all.

I know some posters I deeply respect agree with you, no matter.
Say that "you beleive it's conclusive" but at least aknowledge that others strongly disagree and that some of those views are not a knee jerk reaction.

I know others disagree. The thing is, they canīt actually disagree about the evidence as such, since they have never seen it. Nor have I. What they disagree about is my assertion that no matter the shape or size of the flaps, it nevertheless remains that the practice as such - to cut away the abdominal wall in a few large flaps - is enough to put the case beyond resonable doubt.
They - and you - are welcome to disagree, but I would like to see what a seasoned attorney had to say about it.

Anyway we have debated this many times and I see no need to replay that over Ah a.
I find the thread good reading and it must be one of the fastest growing threads ever?

That could well be.
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