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Originally Posted by Fisherman View Post

To a degree, yes. We can go on for ever, for example, about how the shapes and sizes of the abdominal flaps can have differed, but we would be very stupid not to recognize the fact that the abdominal walls were taken away as an extremely crucial factor in determining who did it.

If a person is suffocated by pouring colour into his or her mouth while having his or her nose pinched closed, it does not matter a iot if the colour is red in one instance and blue in the other - it is the overall character of the deeds that give away the same killer as an inevitability.

So we do not have a problem with the flaps - we have what must be regarded as conclusive evidence that we are dealing with the same killer, not least since there are many more similarities to bolster the idea.

Christer we still do not agree on this issue of "Flaps". I doubt unless there is new evidence we ever will.

So please don't claim it is "conclusive evidence" because for others it is not.
I know some posters I deeply respect agree with you, no matter.
Say that "you beleive it's conclusive" but at least aknowledge that others strongly disagree and that some of those views are not a knee jerk reaction.

Anyway we have debated this many times and I see no need to replay that over Ah a.
I find the thread good reading and it must be one of the fastest growing threads ever?

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