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Hi Mike.

Roger just demonstrated your cherry picking of the evidence.
Two weeks gone and Iím still waiting for you to provide the evidence that my files contained the Washington Post article, that I found it, yet ignored it, and that I, therefor attempted to mislead people with my post. Are you still looking? Or what? Canít wait to see what you will come up with.

By the way, I did subsequently find the Washington Post article online. Thereís an interesting thing: remember I was pointing out that the physical descriptions of Tumblety given in the depositions did not seem to be supported by hundreds of newspaper articles, printed over more than a 50 year span? Remember that Tumbletyís supposed womanish figure was not supported anywhere? Well, what do you think Mr. Palmer decided not to mention from the Washington Post article? The line ďDr. Tumblety is an enormous man, over six feet in height, with broad shoulders.Ē Why not, since that was one of the things we were discussing? Looks like cherry picking to me. Want to comment?

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