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Originally Posted by Darryl Kenyon View Post
As far as I am aware I thought there was just Maurice Lewis and an unnamed woman in The Times, who perhaps was Caroline Maxwell who thought they saw MJK early morning? Certainly, there was only Caroline at the inquest who left herself open to being cross-examined. An important point in my opinion.
Well , that's three .How many said that they saw her the night before when there was no argument she was alive ?
Just two .... and one of them was Maurice Lewis himself
We don't know why only Maxwell was called for sure but the smart money would be on the fact that had there been more than one at the inquest saying they saw her the next morning then TOD would have been fixed at after 9 and created a chaotic situation in the shortest of short inquest .

There are no grounds whatsoever for disbelieving Maxwell or Lewis
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