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Originally Posted by packers stem View Post
And still .....
Nobody has asked who 'Julia' was
She was said to have stayed a number of nights with Kelly and according to M Lewis she was seen with Kelly on the Thursday night .
Lewis must surely have been questioned by police over the weekend once his press statements appeared you'd think so did they not look for Julia ?
Times 12 Nov
"A woman, who is known by the name of Julia and who was in the habit of continually visiting Kelly's room, states she knew that she had two cotton shirts there."

Harvey left two cotton shirts (amongst other garments) with Kelly, and visited Mary as much as anyone, apparently, including staying a couple of nights. She also said to papers that she saw Kelly last at about 22:30 on Thursday night, although she also said 19:30, and stuck with this time at the inquest.
Against that is Julia Venturney who lived opposite so may have known all Mary's business. She may have been the Julia who stayed with her (had words with her husband?); Barnett mentions both Julia and Mrs Harvey staying in his Penny Illustrated Press interview, although in court he only mentions one prostitute staying.

Debs earlier mentioned the denizens of Millers Court possibly wearing each others clothes to confuse the police - perhaps they used the same trick with their names?
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