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Originally Posted by packers stem View Post
You've just confirmed what I was saying .
The street door (that you suggest Kelly went through with blotchy for some reason ) is on the street lol
Seriously, I have to wonder why you are making this so difficult.
The street door was not used by anyone, and certainly not Kelly, who lived at the back. All the street door did was give access to the common area within the house, it was now part of the shed where the barrows were kept - that's why it was locked.

Yes Kelly's room was opposite the Keylers but i
there is a difference between a sound 'outside the door ' as opposed to in a room opposite
Kelly can't live at the front if her door is opposite No.2 - for goodness sake's :-)

You've already been made aware that the couple who lived above Kelly slept through the whole thing.
A 'couple' is not Prater.
Regards, Jon S.
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