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Originally Posted by Mayerling View Post
I dabble a little in it. About twenty years ago my office in lower Manhattan was near the Surrogate's Court House, which has an interesting library. I looked up some birth certificate numbers and sent for the rolls of recorded birth certificates for my mother's mother and her siblings. I still have them.
But I never really got into it. A college chum of mine had a mother who did - she was checking sources in Britain and America, because they might have been related to the family of the Tudor poet, Sir Thomas Wyatt, and she found they were related to the wealthy Brown Brothers of Wall Street fame (who also founded Brown University). I never had the inclination to dig that far.

Have you gotten deeply involved in genealogical research?

Yeah I have, got no it when I was bedridden, gave me something to do, same thing actual ugh me to Casebook.

Found a few famous and rich, not that itís done me much good though.

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