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Originally Posted by Abby Normal View Post
Thanks Phantom

what does that mean though? its similar according to there analysis to saucy Jack?

if so, how is it similar-just the same words and phrases used? any handwriting comparison done in this study?
Hi Abby

The author doesn't specifically say anything about the 1896 letter apart from grouping it in the green label "Dear Boss" cluster in Fig.3.

The letters in this cluster e.g. Moab and Midian, 1896 letter etc. are considered the most linguistically similar to Dear Boss and Saucy Jack.

I presume that as the dendrogram radiates outwards from the green label "Dear Boss" cluster, they are considered more to less linguistically similar.

For example the pink/magenta groups directly above and below the green "Dear Boss" cluster are considered to be the next most similar. As the dendogram radiates outwards from these, the other clusters are considered less similar.

No handwriting analysis was done as part of this study. Linguistic comparison only.

The author also acknowledged the problem with plagiarism i.e. a lot of the "Post publication" letters are deilberately written to imitate the language of Dear Boss and Saucy, but he tried to factor that into account with the method he used.
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