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Originally Posted by S.Brett View Post
Hi Jeff!

I know...

The year 2017 is coming to the end and there's still a lot to be done. Have a nice time and Merry Christmas. See you after the new year.

Yours Karsten.
As you know Catrin is now back on her feet and well. And we hope to continue our search of Private asylum records in the New year.

I'll have a further thought on your ideas and try and put together a detailed time line, as i see it, from Aaron first coming into contact with the police following the Berner Street murder, through to the MacNaughten report and his eventual transfer to Leavesdon, possibly taking the police comments and timelines beyond.

Had another mad idea....well perhaps a 'Loony' idea

I'm interested in Schizophrenic 'cycles' and how those patterns of 'illness' and apparent 'recovery' might fit into the time line, having read some research that the Moon indeed effects the mind,perhaps i require an astrologist?.

I've still loads of scanning to complete for the Hammersmith Nude project, but hopefully by the weekend....I can get something started

Yours Jeff
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