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Originally Posted by Trevor Marriott View Post
On another point Hebbert as we know was Bonds assistant who was scribing for him in the case of Mary Kelly. It was from these notes that Bond prepared his report.

The question is what happened to the notes thereafter? If Bond retained them which is the more likely, for what need would there be to give them back as Hebbert was not going to be called at the inquest.

So the answer might be that what Hebbert said in the book was from memory.
Hebbert does not say anything in the book about MJK, from memory or otherwise. Francis Harris does (Hebbert does say something about other cases later in the book, where he is quoted directly).

I think the aforementioned Stephen G. Ryan has argued that Hebbert kept his own notes, in addition to actually preparing, i. e. physically writing, Bond's report.

Short answer is I don't know what happened to the notes, but it is immaterial in this case.

In the best case scenario, Hebbert sent his notes to Francis Harris, who then wrote a text involving MJK.

That still means the text is a late, secondhand account of MJK's mutilations. No use, when we have an earlier, firsthand account.
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