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Originally Posted by Herlock Sholmes View Post
You can either quote it or give me the post number as I can’t find it.
I am through with this for some time - I can stand only so much crap over a period of time, and so I´m off.

This post will be my last for some time. Here is the material you ask for.

You wrote:

This option for a guilty CL surely would be preferable to calling someone over who would undoubtedly suggest that they find a constable with CL in possession of the murder weapon and ‘possibly’ with Nichols blood on him (in the dark he couldn’t be certain of being completely blood-free.)

This post arrived after I had explained carefully that there were Eastenders who disliked the police and distrusted them. There was talk of a hatred of the police here. So I grew somewhat tired and posted this in response:

In your world, any person in the copper-hating East End would "undoubtedly suggest" that they go searching for a constable, in spite of how they did not even know that there was a crime involved.

To which you responded :

And now, in your utter desperation, you are seeking to claim that all Eastenders were such heartless, uncaring b%^**@*s, that they wouldn’t have informed a police officer.

So this is it - I point out that the East End was not police-friendly, and that we could not work from an assumption that any Eastender would "doubtlessly" contact the police, whereupon you said that I was seeking to claim that all Eaastenders were so heartless and uncaring that they would not have contacted the police.

An important factual marker was thus turned into a lie about me that painted me out as totally inept to make a fair and balanced call.

This incidentally came two pages after where you had said
"Only you could consider getting away scot free 'reckless and stupid'".

As if I had ever said anything at all even remotely like that. Which I of course had not.

So I answered you:

So all we have is one more example of you misrepresenting me.

You need to stop now, it´s running over the brim.

Maybe you can now see what I mean? Regardless of how perceptive you are in that area, I wish you the fairest of luck with your efforts out here in the future.

Me, I will do something else for a while.
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