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Originally Posted by Fisherman View Post
Herlock, when I write that it is in no way certain that the Eastenders would have helped the police, since there was much disliking about them in the district, you claim that I have said that not a single Eastender would help the police.

If you need the point further proven, I can list a fair few other examples of the exact same thing where you misrepresent me very badly.

Working from those kinds of misrepresentations, I think you may want to be a bit more careful about judging who is factually sound.
More misrepresentation.

If you go back to that specific point.

You made the above claim previously and at the time I pointed out to you that in one of my previous posts I had listed the possible outcomes of CL calling Paul’s attention to the body. One of those points was in fact that Paul might not have suggested going for a Constable.

I was also stressing that we couldn’t stereotype all Eastender’s and assume that they wouldn’t want anything to do with the law.

And so, as anyone can see, this shows that I looked at all possibilities (or at least all that I could think of) and presented a 100% unbiased opinion.

This facts show that I am correct. Therefore Fish, you must be.......


"There is nothing more deceptive than an obvious fact!"

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