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Originally Posted by jmenges View Post
Tumblety: The Hidden Truth interviews author Michael Hawley and researcher Brian Young about the contents of over 600 pages of Saint Louis County legal documents that have been recently discovered which for the first time describes Tumblety traveling with a collection of surgical knives as well as containing further evidence of Francis Tumblety’s hatred of women, particularly prostitutes. Plus, the startling sworn depositions from these early 20th century documents that reveal Tumblety was born with a sexual development disorder that classified him as a hermaphrodite. The new information rewrites what we thought we knew about this most fascinating of Jack the Ripper suspects.

With Jonathan Menges and Ally Ryder

Available to stream or download here:

Tumblety was a hermaphrodite? who knew??

seriously though-fascinating and thanks for posting. He was quite an interesting character that's for sure!
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