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Default Not to be trusted

On an adjacent thread, Gareth Williams claims that my suggestion that the Ripper and the Torso killer was one and the same is guided by my agenda, and that I only make the call I do because it serves the Lechmere theory. No other merit is ascribed to my suggestion, the primary reason why I don't acknowledge the significance of the differences Gareth mentions is because I "have an agenda to pursue".

This kind of senseless crap has plagued the boards for far too long. It should go without saying that any poster out here must judge any bid made on itīs inherent quality, instead of trying to hide behind unsubstatiated accusations of the opponent having an agenda to defend.

Other people, who have no suspects and/or who stand to gain nothing by acknowledging it, nevertheless say the exact same thing as I do: That the two were most likely one and the same. The late Richard Whittington-Egan said it too.

How can we account for that? If an agenda is the only thing that could make people go for a shared identity, then why do these people do so? Why is Gary Barnett speaking for the possibility? Why does Debra Arif point to it?

Maybe Gary, Debra and Richard Whittington-Egan are simply entitled to do so, since they do not have any suspects who are strengthened by the suggestion? Maybe logic is only obtainable if you do not promote Lechmere as the Ripper? Maybe what THEY say and think is correct and credible, but when I say it, it becomes suspicious and incorrect?

Is that it? Can the value of a bid alter depending on WHO offers it? Even if what is offered is the exact same thing? Putting it differently: Must I be a cheat and a liar, since I support Lechmere?

As I have already asked on the adjacent thread: Canīt I entertain any idea at all with any credibility, if that idea in any manner can be looked upon as supporting the Lechmere theory? Will the factual value of my argument always be eaten up by how I cannot be trusted since I have a suspect?

This is something that must be dealt with and these whacky notions must be dispelled. If it can be proved that I support the ideas I support only because it serves an agenda of mine, I am all for hauling me over the coals. But if it can only be slyly and disgustingly suggested with no substantiation at all, well then I simply say the one who does so is a shame for these boards.

Over to Gareth now, who has been awarded his wish - an appropriate thread for this discussion.

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