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Originally Posted by Wickerman View Post
Trevor, the apron is mentioned.

Eddowes only had one handkerchief, it was white with 'red & white birds' as a border. It is listed here in the Times of Oct. 1st.
"...a common white handkerchief with a red border,"

In her list of possessions this is described as:
"1 White Cotton Pocket Handkerchief, red and white birds eye border."

However, the Times also offers two articles found around her neck:
"...and a piece of old white coarse apron and a piece of riband were tied loosely around the neck."

In her list of possessions we find the same two articles listed together:
"1 piece of red gauze silk, various cuts thereon found on neck.
1 large White Handkerchief, blood stained".

The ragged piece of blood-stained apron found around her neck was described as a handkerchief by the constable who made the list.

The GS piece brought by Phillips is the last item on her list of possessions:
"1 Piece of old White Apron".

So, both pieces are there.
I'm not sure about that, Jon. Hutt says in his evidence that when Kate was taken into custody;
"I loosened the things round the deceased's neck, and I then saw a white wrapper and a red silk handkerchief."
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