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Originally Posted by Fisherman View Post

Surely it canīt be against the rules of the board to think that a suspect fits in a lot of places?

It's not against the rules of the board to think anything. It's against the rules of the board to spray your thoughts off-topic-like in threads they don't belong, just because you see a slight opening where you think they apply.

If so, it makes a lot more sense, and I would welcome any actual examples - if there are any - of where I have overstepped that line.
Well as I wasn't actually the one who made that direct statement against you, I couldn't say but I've seen you bring him up before in unrelated threads or make statements near enough to count so I imagine if someone wanted to do the work they could find examples. Whether any of it would be enough to convince you so as to make the effort worth doing is probably debateable. I'm surely not going to bother.

I think the point's been made that if people feel you hijack, there's options. They ought to use them, instead of just seething.

I noticed your example and it is easy enough to understand. What I want to know is whether there are any examples of me doing that to present so that I may have a chance to look at it.

Well you have made claims as to being a noted journalist and researcher. Why don't you journalist and research. If you are doing these things it ought to be easy enough for your own self to suss out and prove or disprove to your own satisfaction. If you don't feel you do it, then good on you. If they feel you do, then they can report you when they feel you do. Fair deal all around.

Itīs quite enough that you draw comparisons with religious brooders, there is no need to speak of illusions of grandeur too.

But there is a certain degree of grandeur and ego at work here Fish if only because (WARNING MASSIVE TANGENT AHEAD) you've been posting on this forum for how many years and posted how many posts and yet, you and you alone seem incapable after all these years of figuring out how to use the quote feature to make your posts more easy and accessible for the other posters. Why that is, I can't say, it's a simple freaking thing that would aid those attempting to slog through your prose and make it so much easier. You can master color and bolding and every other thing but you can't put quotes around other people's words to separate them out from your own and make life just a tad easier for everyone else around you. Why is that, really, I've always wanted to ask you, since we're all hashing out grievances here, why not?

Everyone else has to do twice the editing when quoting/responding to your posts because you don't use the quote feature are you aware of that? (END TOTAL TANGENT).

But of course, if I am that religious brooder you envisage, and seeing myself as the equal of Galilei, then it may of course be that I cannot understand these things, and that my mind is long since gone due to overindulging in Charles Lechmere.
You did create an entire thread to discuss your perceived persecution.

Let all Oz be agreed;
I'm Wicked through and through.
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