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This thread has brought back memories. I'm sure you could easily have simply cut-and-pasted comments from some of the threads we've shared, or from several of the nearly identical threads between you and others who've taken issue with your conclusions and the manner in which you typically support them.

Now, I, for the most part, bowed from the Lechmere discussion on this site some time ago because, frankly, its no longer interesting to those of us who've taken the time to fully understand what you have proposed. Many of us who have done our own research and analysis, and applied our own findings, along with simple reasoning, have found your "suspect" entirely untenable. As well, any debate on elements of the theory, or on Lechmere in general, seem to quickly descend into what we've seen here: your demands for respect, for retraction of something posted to which you've taken offense, for recognition of your open-mindedness, fairness, and impartiality when it comes the consideration of any aspect of the crimes and how it may impact your theory.

Now, without commenting further on the substance of what you propose, I'd simply suggest that, if these types of discussions/disagreements/arguments keep occurring, with different posters but with identical themes and, in some cases I think, your near verbatim protestations, indignation, and outrage, perhaps these breakdowns in communications may have something to do with how you communicate and respond to criticism.

Food for thought. I hope you're well.
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