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Woffinden page 162.

Incidentally it has been mentioned on here recently that Woffinden thought the car arrived in the evening. I've just re-read the section on this and he thought it arrived in the morning, even though he knew about the withheld information about the mileage and the sightings. He believed that Skillett etc. saw the car, although obviously he disputes that they correctly identified Hanratty.

Going back to the sweetshop ...
When Acott rejected Swanwick’s suggestion that Hanratty had gone straight from the sweetshop to the cornfield – Swanwick must have accepted this, because when he questioned Hanratty he said specifically that he did not think Jim was in Liverpool on the 22nd. In fact he made the even more bizarre suggestion that he might have been there on the 21st ....

Swanwick: “I think that if by any chance you were in Liverpool before August 24 it was on the 21st and not the 22nd.”

Hanratty: “I was in the Vienna Hotel on the 21st.”

Swanwick: “You were in the Vienna Hotel about five in the evening?”

Hanratty: “No, I would say midnight.”

Swanwick: “There is a 5.15 train from Liverpool which gets in about 9.15?”

Hanratty: “How about Mrs France? I did not leave there until seven o’clock. I thought you had more intelligence.”

(Woff mentioned the tail end of this exchange on page 223.)

Later on in his evidence Hanratty turned to the Judge and said: “Sir, can I put a question?”

Gorman: “I think you should meet the suggestion, but if you want to say something don’t take that as an indication that you should not. You can say just whatever you like.”

Hanratty: “What Mr Swanwick is saying here. It is impossible for me to have carried out this most terrible crime because, as I have stated earlier, yesterday and this morning, I was in Rhyl. I was in Liverpool. I only hope that Mrs Dinwoodie will come here and prove her evidence.”
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