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Originally Posted by jerryd View Post
Where in this....

Morning Advertiser (London)
12 November 1888

While the police have been working zealously in the hope of making some discovery of value, the public themselves appear to have been conscious that the responsibility of the officers of the law is in a measure shared by them. This is seen by an incident which occurred yesterday, and which resulted in the arrest of a strange man at Bishopsgate-street police-station. Some men were drinking at a beer-house in Fish-street-hill. One of them began conversing about the Whitechapel murder, and a man named Brown, living at 9, Dorset-street, thought he detected a blood mark on the coat of a stranger. On the latter's attention being called to it he said the mark was merely paint, but Brown took out a pocketknife and rubbing the dried stain with the blade pronounced it to be blood. The coat being loose, similar stains were seen on the man's shirt, and he then admitted that they were blood stains. The man left the house at once, and Brown followed, and when the stranger had got opposite to Bishopsgate police-station, Brown gave him into the custody of an officer who was on duty there. The prisoner gave the name of George Compton. On being brought before the inspector on duty he protested against his arrest in the public street, observing that in the present state of public feeling, he might have been lynched. The man had been arrested at Shadwell on Saturday by a police-constable, who considered his behaviour suspicious, but he had been discharged, and had come on to London. Brown alleged that Compton, before he left the Fish-street-hill beer-house, had made contradictorary statements respecting his place of residence and the locality in which he worked. Compton does not bear any personal resemblance to the published descriptions of the man who is supposed to be the murderer. The police telegraphed to the authorities at King David-lane station, Shadwell, and, finding Compton's statements to be true, released him.

...can we draw the conclusion he was one and the same as PC George Compton? The name if fairly common. Does your November 11th news clip state differently, I guess is my question?

I agree that being arrested twice is of some interest and yes a police officer as a potential suspect has crossed my mind more than once.
Good article,but this happened in Nov.11th,and that blood could not have been from a murder or at least Kelly's and his statement was checked.It's too tenuous.
Clearly the first human laws (way older and already established) spawned organized religion's morality - from which it's writers only copied/stole,ex. you cannot kill,rob,steal (forced, otherwise people run back to the hills,no towns).
M. Pacana
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