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Originally Posted by c.d. View Post
One of my heroes, paranormal debunker James Randi (a.k.a. the Amazing Randi) was involved in a tv show dealing with psychics. They brought a self proclaimed psychic to the Amityville Horror House. The film crew pulled up to the house and started unpacking their gear. The psychic said something to the effect that the vibrations from the house were so strong she could pick them up just standing on the lawn. According to Randi, a neighbor sitting nearby on his front porch asked them what they were doing. They said they were there to investigate the Amityville Horror House. The man told them it was in the next block. So much for psychics unless the vibrations were so strong from the real house that they drifted down the street.

Randi is a legend. Have you seen the routine where he overdoses on homeopathic medicine? He's a fine performer as well as a much needed voice of sanity. His sabotaging of one Uri Geller TV appearance was absolutely wonderful. He advised Johnny Carson's team to provide all their own paraphernalia and items, not to let Geller or anyone from his entourage have contact with them before the show began, so Carson took his advice, the cameras started to roll, and - whaddaya know - Geller started to whinge and whine about pressure, and tiredness, and his powers being weak that night because of the atmosphere. When not allowed to tamper with things beforehand his 'powers' failed. What a sad little fraud he is. And people still fall for that bs.
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