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Originally Posted by Sleuth1888 View Post
Recently I've come across something that has led me to question the reliability of any modern day profiles of Jack the Ripper.

One profile said that Jack was a "charmer" you used his smooth talking personality to flirt with and lure his victims into his clutches. The profile said he would appear well spoken, calm, friendly and there would be nothing at all out of the ordinary when approaching this type of man.

The other profile said that Jack was a socially inept, shy, introverted guy with a huge chip on his shoulder. This profile also said that because of his complete lack of social skills he would wait for the women to initiate contact and leave it up to them. This was after he had his one or two pints in the pubs to "relax" him.

So which one is it? Two profiles which are worlds apart, poles apart even. This is beyond a joke how can we find this man if we can't even agree on how me might have been as a person?
Three things:

1. You should only give credence to profiles written by people who are actually good at profiling, such as the FBI (see their profile on JTR here).

2. The two contradictory profiles you mentioned could both be valid, as the appearance JTR projected to his victims might not have been his NORMAL, EVERYDAY appearance. To his victims at the time of the killings, he might not have looked out of ordinary. But privately, he might have had poor hygiene, awkward and asocial behavior, etc., things that would have made him stand out. That is why it is also believed that he lived alone and was a loner, and thus not too many people saw his real self.

3. His "charming" ways might have been overstated, as JTR might not have been always successful in soliciting women. Some women might have been more alert than others, and was able to detect something out of the ordinary from him. Note that JTR killed only prostitutes that were drunk, weak, old, and/or even dying from terminal illnesses, as those women were probably the least alert and discriminating.
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