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Originally Posted by Wickerman View Post
Yes Abby, but there were legitimate suspect descriptions available, he had no need to make one up.
Your favorite 'peaked-cap' man for instance. All three of the Double-event suspects were published in the Daily Telegraph on the 12th. The PC Smith suspect, Broad-shouldered man, & your guy.

Why create something completely out of the ordinary like Astrachan?
Because he already knew that they were conducting surveillance on someone who fit the general description, in particular, the specific type of coat he wore.

Since they did not later suggest that Issacs was the suspect that Hutch provided when they caught up with him, and since there are no other sightings of someone matching his description, it remains an unsubstantiated tale which is incredible in detail and suspect due to the timing of its delivery and the, again unsubstantiated, supposed friendship between the 2. Why would someone who was a friend of someone murdered in that fashion, someone you saw that very night, wait 4 days to come forward? With what might have been a case cracking ID.
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