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Why was Dr Llewellyn only on hand for the Nichols autopsy? Having lived on Whitechapel Road, surely he should have been involved with the subsequent Whitchapel victims postmortems, especially as he was the first man to view the Ripper's handy work? Therefore why did Dr George Bagster Philips take charge afterwards? Did the authorities doubt Llewellyn's capabilities?
Dr. Rees Llewellyn (correct Welsh spelling should be Rhys Llewelyn) was a gynaecologist whose office was close to where Nichols (victim #2) was found. It was around 4:00am when he was summoned; because of his occupation it was assumed he would be available in the early morning. He was subsequently asked to do the autopsy which was carried out at Whitechapel Workhouse, the body "prepared" by a couple of the inmates. Llewellyn was unqualified as a medical examiner and made a ****-up of the investigation from not noticing the blood under body and suggesting the the murder was left-handed. I doubt he would have been called even if future victims were in his Division.
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