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Originally Posted by Wickerman View Post
Joshua, I said nothing about "most". I did say the media are invited, not in every case, I know. When they are invited then of course they are recording the meeting.
Trump just held one meeting recently with the Russian media present, but American media was not invited. The guy's a fool, and now we have about a half-dozen reason's why he fired Comey - none of them can get their story's straight - they're a joke, the lot of them.
Well I agree with that. Why they even waste their time on trying to explain to the press why and how he was fired is beyond me. Just say your thing and move on. They get sucked into all the bullshit when they should just say their piece and ignore the rest. This back and forth the WH engages in is stupid.
They're gonna catch crap no matter what they do.
So just do it, give your reason, and go.
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