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Originally Posted by Wickerman View Post
- I think you know when foreign leaders meet, meetings are announced publicly, not kept secret.
- I think you know when foreign leaders meet the media are invited, there are both video and audio recordings, not kept secret.
- I think you know when foreign leaders meet the topics of discussion are made known, not kept secret.

So why all the denials, why all the deception, why all the resistance, why is everyone in this Rogues Gallery of an administration contradicting each other?

I did say this will be an entertaining few years....
The fewer, the better....
Sorry, I don't think this is true at all. Many meetings between "leaders" are publicized, but many are not well publicized. Most meeting(I assume) are not recorded, or if they are recorded the recordings are not released to the press or public. Here is a pic below from the meeting, a meeting which was covered by some Russian media outlets. Have a look. Other than Trump I see at least 9 individuals present. I assume another half dozen or so are not in the photograph but were present in the room. What are the chances this meeting was EVER going to remain secret? None.

Instead of this meeting meant as a "secret meeting" I rather suspect you are all being trolled.
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