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Originally Posted by Abby Normal View Post
There's always that chance. My buddy on a Tuesday night once was like why should we go out tonight? There will be no chicks out tonight. My response was - well you have zero chance of catching a fish if you don't even go to the water.
But there's always a chance if you do.
He said... so what your saying is that there's always a chance.
I said.... yes there is.
There's always a chance, for sure, lol. That's the kind of positive thinking that keeps the human-race plodding along. If there were no chances, there'd be no hope.

That being said, it's a gulf of difference between possible and probable.

I think it's possible that Scotland is home to a family of plesiosaurs that have evaded detection for thousands upon thousands of years, but I do not think it's probable.

I also think that it's possible that a man called Spring-Heeled Jack really did visit my old street back in the 1800's, jumping across the rooftops and blowing fire out of his mouth, but I do not think it's probable.

I think Justin Bieber could win a Nobel prize for his ground-breaking studies into curing blindness, but I do not think that it is at all probable.

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