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Originally Posted by Trevor Marriott;428
, and there is a lot of evidence to show that she may not have been wearing an apron, as the two pieces have been described as just that, two pieces.
Please show the Evidence. I mean documented sources which suggested she was not wearing an apron.

What you present above is not evidence, it is supposition.
The official report clearly states that an apron was worn.

Pc Robinson:

".” By Mr. Crawford –“The last time I saw her in the Police Cell was at 10 to 9. She was wearing an apron. I believe the apron produced was the one she was wearing.” "

The "I believe" comment does not refer to her wearing an apron or not

Pc Hutt:

"I noticed she was wearing an apron. I believe the one produced was the one she was wearing when she left the Station. "

Again his comment about believing does not relate to if she was wearing an apron or not.

I See nothing produced to counter those statements or to suggest they are mistaken.

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