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Originally Posted by Iconoclast View Post
Seriously, Lord O..

Welcome to the world of Making-any-kind-of-a-point-on-the-Casebook.

As the Greatest Thread of All inches towards its first million views (thank you, everyone), there remain only a handful of regular contributors to it, and ever was it more or less thus.

So an awful lot of people are simply looking. 'Just browsing' I think they say in shops.

Those with whom you parry and parlay and perhaps put down are - ironically - amongst the very few who can be arsed to contribute.
Ah, when I saw your name in this thread, Iconoclast, I thought you were going to play.

What's your own reason for not giving an opinion on the points raised in the OP?

You're not upset by the odd firm-but-fair put down in the parrying and parlaying surely?
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