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Originally Posted by David Orsam View Post
Seriously, no-one has anything to say about this?

Is that no-one has bothered to do the comparison? Or is it that no-one agrees that the Diary handwriting is internally inconsistent in parts? Or is it that no-one has access to the reproduction of the Diary in Robert Smith's book?

It's going to be very difficult to make the points I want to make in this thread unless at least someone independent is prepared and willing to join me in doing some handwriting comparisons.
Seriously, Lord O..

Welcome to the world of Making-any-kind-of-a-point-on-the-Casebook.

As the Greatest Thread of All inches towards its first million views (thank you, everyone), there remain only a handful of regular contributors to it, and ever was it more or less thus.

So an awful lot of people are simply looking. 'Just browsing' I think they say in shops.

Those with whom you parry and parlay and perhaps put down are - ironically - amongst the very few who can be arsed to contribute.

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