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Originally Posted by curious View Post
Hi, Bridewell,
Do you have a specific named distillery carman in mind?

Apologies for a very late reply to this. Kind of! In the 1881 census there are 2 butchers (half brothers) listed as living at 3, Buckle Street. The younger of the two, Joseph William Haines having been then 21 years of age (so 28 in 1888). Haines had moved up to Finsbury Park by 1888 and was working as a distillery carman, but his brother was still on Buckle Street. Haines eventually succumbed to cirrhosis of the liver and so may well have had problems with alcoholism. He had trained as a butcher but wouldn't have been on the police radar as one in 1888. There is no evidence whatever to link him the the murders, but it wouldn't surprise me if the killer turned out to be someone from this kind of background.
Regards, Bridewell.
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