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Question Mail delivery vs telegram

Originally Posted by curious4 View Post
Court circulars

I have been thinking about this again. They were printed in the newspapers on the day after the events. Presumably the newspapers were printed late at night or early in the morning in order to get them out in time. So how were they delivered to the newspapers? Telegram? Were there phones then? If you posted a letter in Scotland in the evening, would it be delivered the following morning and in that case in time to be printed?

Probably a simple answer to this and I do know that the postal service was much more efficient at the time, but even so?

It brings to mind a question to me though, I seem to remember reading that at the time the telegraph was controled by the Royal Post. Having said that I would assume that a telegram would have been quicker in getting say from Scotland to London than a letter would have been. (Can't comment on the guy delivering it though.) Were the two connected? And would the cost of a telegram been prohibitive to to the point of Her Majesty's staff resorting to the post for progulmating the court circular?
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