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Originally Posted by jerryd View Post
Holy Moly Joshua!

Thanks for posting this. I had never heard that the same type of scenario happened in the Whitehall case. Very nice find there. It fits Arnold's MO but I wonder how much truth there is to it? I have never found an incident in the papers in 1888 that describes this. If true it really puts the spotlight on John Arnold and who his informant might be? I've often thought maybe there were bodies being cut up and dumped in order to collect reward money.
Hi Jerry, I thought you'd like that. I can't claim any credit for finding it, it was in the book of torso press cuttings recommended by Steve earlier. But it did leap out at me when I read it. Whether there's any truth to it is another matrer. I haven't found any corroboration yet either, and you'd think it would have been mentioned at the time if there was something to it.
As for cutting up bodies for money, who knows? It seems a bit extreme to me (although there are obviously historical precedents), but some people were certainly willing to make money from the murders; I believe a journalist was prosecuted for selling completely fictitious stories about the Rainham case.
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