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Originally Posted by Joshua Rogan View Post
Funnily enough I just read this, from the Lancashire Evening Post, 16th Sept '89;

"It seems the remarkable story told of the visit paid by the man Leary to the London office of the New York Herald is not without parallel in connection with the revolting crimes which in the past 18 months have occurred in the metropolis. The Leary incident has recalled the fact that a few nights before the horrible discovery of the dead body of a murdered woman in one of the recesses of the basement of the new offices intended as the headquarters of the metropolitan police on the Victoria Embankment, a man answering the same description entered the office of the Morning Advertiser and stated that the remains of a woman were to be found in that spot. The man asked a fee for the information, but before this was paid a reporter was despatched to the buildings to ascertain, with the aid of the police, whether there was any foundation for the story. Search was made in vain as in Back Church-lane the other day, but a day or two afterwards the mutilated body of a female was discovered in the precise spot which had been indicated by the mysterious informant."
Hi Joshua/all

Iíve just been rearranging my Ďripper collection,í Pamphlets/facsimiles/graphics etc. It took me a while but Iíve done a bit of cataloguing too. Reading the article that you just quoted reminded me of an article in True Crime magazine of April 2002 called ĎThe Shoeblack Connection.í If itís of interest to anyone Iím quite happy to dig it back out and give out any info. As far as I can recall itís unaccredited.


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