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Originally Posted by David Orsam View Post
What I posted was corroborating evidence that the cry of murder was a frequent one in the neighbourhood of Whitechapel, as Prater said
Which mitigates the fact that Prater took no particular notice on hearing the cry, but it doesn't mean that she was right to dismiss it.
thus reducing the probability that the one heard in the early hours of 9 November by residents around Millers Court had anything to do with Kelly's murder.
I'd agree that a cry of murder in the general neighbourhood on any old night is one thing, but the "Miller's Court Cry" might be quite another. In this case, the cry apparently emanated in the direction of Kelly's room, at a time not incongruent with the possible time of Kelly's death. These factors may elevate the significance of the "Miller's Court Cry" above those cries of a less nefarious nature.
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