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Originally Posted by John G View Post
I'm sorry to have to press you on this, Michael, but what is the source for Dr Phillips' supposedly asserting that he didn't think Eddowes' wounds were similar to Chapman's. You refer to "the earlier 2 women he examined". When did he examine Nichols? Source please. When did Dr Phillips say that he believed Eddowes' perpetrator to be less skilled than Chapman's? Source please.
Sorry John, I'm doing this mostly from work these days and don't have access to my own categorized database. Ill try to get some time to do that this weekend. It was a press report with an interview with Phillips, if I recall, sometime after Alices murder, one which he discounted based on his impression her murder was probably sexually motivated. I know that he had no formal role with Nichols, but If I recall correctly he offered his perspective on whether hers and Annies murder were by the same hand.

Hi comments on the skill shown with Kate were made that Fall I believe.

Again, Ill try to post the sources once I get at the files.
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